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Advanced Avian Curtailment

Protecting California Condors with ReCONTM Radiotelemetry and Informed Turbine Curtailment

ReCONTM is a Normandeau technology that can inform smart shutdown at wind facilities while California Condors are in proximity of the area.

California Condors and Wind Power

California Condors and Wind Power

California Condors are a critically endangered species occurring in the southwestern United States. With so few individuals in the wild, bird fatalities can be detrimental to the population. Given the large size and low maneuverability of condors, there is concern that condors could collide with turbine blades.

What Is ReCON<sup>TM</sup>?

What Is ReCONTM?

ReCONTM is a remote condor detection system that detects radio-tagged California Condors near the system. Once a condor is detected nearby, a shutdown signal is sent to the facility’s SCADA system to curtail the turbines.

How Can ReCONTM Help?

Turbine curtailment reduces collision risks for California Condors and can satisfy minimization and mitigation requirements for a project as part of an Incidental Take Permit.

What Does ReCON<sup>TM</sup> Cost?

What Does ReCONTM Cost?

ReCONTM costs are based on the size of the wind facility and the number of receivers and antenna arrays needed to cover the wind facility footprint and buffer. Let us know your needs and we will work with you on a custom solution to meet the goals of your project.

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