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Aerial Digital Surveys Provide Data on Marine and Terrestrial Wildlife

Aerial digital survey technology can provide 1.5-cm resolution or better photography of the sea surface or land surface, providing species-level identifications enabling characterization of marine and terrestrial wildlife.

Aerial Digital Survey Capabilities

Aerial Digital Survey Capabilities

Collecting wildlife data over large areas of land or water is challenging using traditional boat-based and aerial visual surveys. Aerial digital surveys are an innovative approach to collecting large-scale wildlife data (not subject to observer biases among biologists or repulsion biases from the survey vehicle) and providing an archive of information that may be revisited.

What Is High-Resolution Aerial Digital Survey Technology?

What Is High-Resolution Aerial Digital Survey Technology?

High-resolution aerial digital surveys provide images that permit species-level identifications in a terrestrial or offshore environment. Large camera arrays are mounted to dual-engine aircraft that can fly at altitudes above 1,300 feet to minimize disturbance to wildlife below.

How Can Aerial Digital Surveys Help?

Aerial digital surveys can provide valuable baseline data on preconstruction wildlife distributions off shore by providing spatially explicit species-specific identifications. Designed appropriately, these data can be compared to post-construction surveys to evaluate distribution shifts and displacement impacts from project structures.

What Do Aerial Digital Surveys Cost?

The costs of aerial digital surveys are highly dependent on the size of the surveyed area and the design and purpose of the survey, as these factors affect the time needed to complete the survey, analyze the data, and identify all targets.

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