• wind turbine energy environmental consulting


    Ecological and Regulatory Permitting Services 

  • natural gas and electric utility environmental consulting services


    Extensive Federal,
    State and Local Expertise

  • environmental consulting for hydropower utilities

    Hydropower Services

    Regulatory Compliance and Optimum
    Facility Performance

  • nuclear energy environmental consulting services

    Energy Services

    Siting and Permitting of New Facilities
    and Compliance at Existing Facilities

We are a science-based environmental consulting firm

Normandeau Associates professionals work with industry, government agencies, energy providers, and the public to develop solutions that enhance economic development, meet regulatory requirements, monitor, protect, and restore our natural resources, and improve communities.

The Normandeau Difference


Expert Scientists: marine, aquatic, wetland, and terrestrial ecologists; environmental planners; fisheries biologists and limnologists; soil scientists; engineers; and public involvement professionals.

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With over 150 employees located in 9 states, Normandeau has the resources to get your projects completed.

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State of the art acoustic, aerial, field, telemetry, and thermal technology coupled with statisticians and data processing specialists.

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