Environmental Permitting and Consulting for Power Plants

Environmental Permitting and Consulting for Power Plants

From permitting and collecting samples to lab analysis and reporting, our scientists provide specialized services on the water and in the water backed by decades of experience.

Services We Offer

Normandeau provides environmental consulting services to the power plant industry, including siting studies, federal and state environmental impact statements and permitting, compliance monitoring, and expertise on changes in regulatory requirements.

Environmental Permitting & Regulatory Compliance

With extensive knowledge of environmental regulatory requirements, we’re here to support permitting from application to approval.

Marine & Freshwater Sciences

We support fisheries surveys, water quality and assessment monitoring, sediment and dredge materials categorization, and more.

Wetlands & Terrestrial Ecology

Our services include plant community surveys, wetland delineation, and watershed evaluations.

Remote Sensing & Data Visualization

We have advanced tools for gathering and processing complex data—even in remote areas.

Expertise and Experience Power Results

Our Power Plants team has over 45 years of experience in permitting and compliance monitoring for nuclear power stations, fossil fuel plants, and industrial facilities throughout the United States (including sections 316(a) & (b) of the Clean Water Act). We’re quick to mobilize no matter the location; we’ve conducted more than 500 major intake and discharge studies for over 40 utility companies and industrial facilities in almost every major watershed in the country.

Our team has a deep understanding of how to successfully navigate complex state and federal permit processes. Our senior regulatory specialists take a strategic approach to every project and include a former EPA Region Administrator and a former US Army Corps of Engineers District Commander.

To us, accuracy and precision are paramount. We use innovative and state-of-the-art sampling methods and laboratory procedures to provide accurate impact data. It’s data we stand firmly behind, whether providing testimony or in peer reviews.

We’re here to help you successfully navigate complex state and federal permit processes.

Connect with Our Expert

Michael Mettler

Senior Principal Environmental Scientist

Mr. Mettler has extensive experience as a project manager and field supervisor and brings over 25 years of experience in all types of environmental sampling, including sediment, soil, and hazardous waste sampling; groundwater, surface water, drinking water, and NPDES permit sampling; soil and landfill gas monitoring and sampling; and fish and benthic organism sample collections. As an office manager, Mr. Mettler is responsible for training and management of personnel and maintaining all equipment for the Stowe, PA office.

In addition, Mr. Mettler provides a high level of knowledge in science, policy, and management to inform the planning, design, and impact assessment of large-scale projects and programs tied to dredging and public infrastructure, including renewable and traditional power projects, state and national parks, coastal and inland ecosystem restoration, green building and site design, and low impact methods of site development and environmental restoration.

Mr. Mettler also has extensive biological sampling experience. He has surveyed fish communities using electrofishing, seining, and ichthyoplankton netting techniques and collected benthic macroinvertebrate samples with sediment grab samplers, box samplers, and kick nets. Mr. Mettler also has conducted surveys for endangered freshwater mussels using SCUBA.