Expertise at Sea and on Shore

Expertise at Sea and on Shore

With more than 50 years of experience, we can help you develop environmental permitting strategies for even the most complex marine and freshwater projects.

Services We Offer

We provide clients with a comprehensive set of technical and professional services for ports and waterways. Our scientists have seen a wide range of marine construction techniques and know how to address potential ecological issues.

Environmental Permitting & Regulatory Compliance

Our services include environmental permitting, licensing, and regulatory compliance.

Marine & Freshwater Sciences

Whether it’s a dive team or a marine habitat assessment, Normandeau has the experts you need ready to deploy.

Wetlands & Ecological Services

Our wetland services offer you the important data needed for better decision making and rock-solid permits.

Wildlife Sciences

Our wildlife consultants have years of experience identifying sensitive species both above and below the water.

Unparalleled Capabilities for Your Project

Our skilled Ports and Waterways team conducts ecological assessments to support permitting and compliance requirements. From inland waters and protected harbors to coastal estuaries and open waters of the Continental Shelf, Normandeau’s fleet of vessels with experienced, licensed captains supports environmental survey operations where data are needed. Our scientists have extensive experience with water quality, sediments, benthic habitats, and fisheries, and our regulatory team includes a former EPA Regional Administrator and a former US Army Corps of Engineers District Commander. The work we’ve done has been recognized by the National Marine Fisheries Service for the outstanding quality of Essential Fish Habitat (EFH) impact assessments and Biological Assessments, including expertise in assessments for sensitive species ranging from freshwater mussels to sturgeon, salmon, sea turtles, and marine mammals.

Our expertise is complemented by our technology. We have a full suite of field sampling equipment, sediment survey equipment, and the largest specialized marine and freshwater biological laboratory facilities in the region.

Our field crews are quick to deploy and are ready to hit the ground running on complex projects.

Connect with Our Expert

Eric Nestler

Vice President and Director of Marine Services

As Director of Marine Services, Mr. Nestler is responsible for the technical and financial performance of Normandeau’s Marine Services groups. His background is in marine ecology, specializing in impact assessment. As a project manager, he is responsible for complex projects that support licensing and compliance requirements in marine and estuarine environments. His experience includes permitting support and NEPA analysis for marine and coastal construction projects and long-term ocean monitoring for NPDES compliance.

Mr. Nestler has project experience with offshore wind, power transmission, wastewater discharges, power plant intakes and thermal effluents, dredging, LNG facilities, and other ocean and coastal development projects. During the past decade, he has overseen numerous projects providing cost-effective solutions to complex challenges related to ecological resources.