Powering Results

Powering Results

With over 50 years of expertise, proprietary technology, and subject matter experts, our team has the capabilities to deliver sound science for projects of all shapes and sizes.

Services We Offer

Providing regulatory compliance, environmental licensing/permitting, facility performance optimization, and strategic consulting services for the hydroelectric industry.

Environmental Permitting & Regulatory Compliance

Lean on our years of permitting and regulatory experience at over 200 hydropower projects throughout the country.

Marine & Freshwater Sciences

Our marine and freshwater surveys and assessments are rooted in science and years of experience.

Wetlands & Ecological Services

From wetland delineation to habitat assessments, our wetland services help stakeholders fully assess impact.

Remote Sensing & Data Visualization

We offer hydroacoustic and specialized, proprietary remote sensing, instream flow analysis, complex statistical analysis, and more.

Biotelemetry & Fish Passage

We’re experienced in conducting biotelemetry assessments to evaluate fish passage performance throughout the United States.

Our Experience Runs Deep

Our highly qualified team of scientists has worked together for decades on more than 200 hydropower project sites nationwide, including conventional, pumped storage, and hydrokinetic facilities on large and small river systems in urban and remote locations.

We operate the largest specialized laboratory facilities for processing freshwater and marine samples in the region, complemented by a full suite of field sampling equipment capable of sampling in deep waters and sensitive areas. Our skilled scientists are also available for expert testimony and peer reviews.

Fish and wildlife assessment and protection is essential to meet hydropower regulations. We’ve conducted fish passage and biotelemetry assessments throughout the United States, and our proprietary HI-Z Turb’N Tag™ fish recapture technology has revolutionized assessments of fish injury and survival in passage through turbines and spillways.

Working with our highly qualified team means access to advanced testing and technology.

Connect with Our Expert

Sean Stimmell

Fisheries Biologist

Mr. Stimmell is a biologist with over 20 years of experience encompassing a broad spectrum of aquatic studies including diadromous and resident fish species. With Normandeau Associates, he has been involved in aquatic studies associated with FERC relicensing, Clean Water Act Sections 316(a) and (b), hydroelectric dam diadromous fish passage, instream flow and habitat assessments, and fish community assessments.

Mr. Stimmell is proficient in many aspects of field biology and has experience including radio telemetry, RFID technology, electrofishing, and many sampling gears used in field collection. He worked as the field supervisor for 316(b) studies at the DC Cook nuclear plant on Lake Michigan and has worked or led crews on fish community and habitat assessments. He has experience managing projects and has written and assisted in the completion of technical reports, desktop analyses, and analyzed scales and otoliths to determine ages of several species. Mr. Stimmell earned his MS at Northern Michigan University studying migratory timing of brook trout in Lake Superior tributaries using RFID technology in 2006.