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Tehachapi ReCON™ Monitoring

Case Studies

Client: Terra-Gen Power

Project Highlights:
Normandeau provided monitoring and advanced technology to initiate a response at wind facilities when condors were detected in the area.

Services Provided:

  • Smart shutdown of wind facility when tagged condors were present

This project involved two early detection systems that were deployed to provide energy facility operations centers with real time alerts of an approaching condor. Not only are condors a protected species, but so much time and resources have gone into preserving these animals that the mere cost to lose one is exorbitant. The US Fish and Wildlife Service’s condor recovery program tags individual birds using unique VHF transmitter frequencies to distinguish condors from other species. ReCONTM creates a detection perimeter around the energy facility that provides enough time to confirm condor presence and initiate a response, if needed, to avoid injury or mortality.

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