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Normandeau Unveils New Website


Spring 2024 not only brought showers and flowers, but it also brought forth a new website for Normandeau Associates, Inc. With the help of Mayo Designs, Normandeau’s marketing team and website subcommittee spent several hours over the last year reviewing the Normandeau brand identity through client interviews, employee exercises and surveys, and legacy research. The team tirelessly reviewed, reworked, and curated content and imagery that best represents the service offerings and the identity of the organization as a whole.

CEO Curt Thalken addressed the new website as being representative of the caliber and passion of Normandeau’s employees: “I believe it emphasizes our expertise and why we have all chosen the career path we have.”

From the top down, this new site gets to the heart of what Normandeau employees love—the science. And it’s the science that drives the Normandeau team to help clients find solutions to some of their most challenging projects.

What’s New?

Some new features of the site include Talk to an Expert call to actions on each webpage to make reaching out to one of our experienced scientists and project managers easier than ever. Also new to the site are Case Studies, which feature real-life examples of our work with various clients across an array of industries. You’ll also want to check out our Brand Identity video on the homepage that again speaks to what has driven us as an organization over the last 54 years and what continues to inspire our workforce. The stunning imagery is one of our favorite parts of the new website—most of which came from our very own, multi-talented field staff. Not only are our staff members the brilliant photogs behind many of these photos, they’re also the ones in action! Don’t be surprised if you start to recognize our field crew and corporate admin staff—they make the best models. The new site also features a re-branded blog, aptly called Field Notes, that includes stories from the field, recent research and publications, news, events, and more! The overall look and feel gives the user an explorer feel—mimicking the enthusiastic curiosity of our own scientists.

What’s Familiar?

If you’ve known Normandeau for a while, you’ll probably notice a couple of familiar things on our website. For instance, our logo hasn’t changed. We felt that our logo (much like our long-standing reputation as a leader in environmental consulting) was too recognizable and well-known to change. (Why mess with a good thing?) The icon in the logo is still very fitting—the triangle and water symbols representing the terrestrial and aquatic environments that our business continues to thrive in. The triangle also represents an important three-dimensional aspect to our work that we want to continue to emphasize: the industries we work in, the geographical locations we frequent, and the services we provide. These three elements are all interconnected and make up the foundation of our 50+ year legacy.

Surf & Enjoy

If you’ve made it to this article on our blog, then you’ve already had a moment to experience the new site. What do you think? We’d love, not only for you to surf around the site a bit more to see everything it has to offer, but we’d also love to hear from you! Share your thoughts or questions about the new website, or let us know how we can help with your next project. Visit Contact Us and send us a message.

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