Gary Alt, Normandeau Biologist, Featured on Boston NPR's Here & Now

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Bedford, NH — Gary Alt, PhD, Biologist and Principal Scientist of Normandeau and former bear habitat manager for the state of Pennsylvania, speaks with Robin Young of Here & Now, Boston's National Public Radio daily news magazine. In the radio broadcast, Dr. Alt discusses the increase in recent black bear sightings and interactions in urban America. Click here to listen to Boston NPR's Hear & Now "Say Hello To Your Newest Neighbor: The Black Bear."

While at Normandeau, Dr. Alt has served as Sr. Technical Reviewer, Agency Coordinator and Principal Scientist for rare, threatened, or endangered species for several pipeline projects, wind energy projects, and nuclear power projects. He has also co-authored reports for Indiana bat mist net surveys, bat acoustic monitoring surveys, timber rattlesnake habitat assessments and presence-absence surveys, Allegheny woodrat habitat assessments and trapping surveys, and terrestrial ecological field studies.

Dr. Gary Alt has over 30 years of experience as a wildlife biologist running statewide research and management programs in Pennsylvania. During his tenure, Dr. Alt was responsible for launching some of the largest field studies in the country on black bears and white-tailed deer and made some of the most sweeping changes to bear and deer management policies in the history of Pennsylvania. He has extensive experience coordinating research and management activities with state and federal government agencies, universities, and non-profit organizations. Dr. Alt has testified as an expert witness on numerous occasions in state and federal court cases and in legislative hearings dealing with wildlife issues. He has also designed and implemented monitoring programs for a variety of wildlife species and written reports and published results in numerous professional journals. Dr. Alt has extensive experience in public relations, education, and the use of mass media to win support for conservation programs. He has presented over 1,500 public lectures and scripted, narrated, and hosted an award-winning documentary. In addition, his work has been featured nationally in a variety of venues such as Good Morning America, CBS Sunday Morning News, Time Magazine, Sports Illustrated, People Magazine, and publications and television sponsored by the National Geographic Society.

Dr. Gary Alt

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