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Sediment and Surface Water Sampling on the Delaware River

Case Studies

Client: Anonymous

Project Highlights: Vibracore samples were collected at 262 locations over 26 days using 1,880 feet of tubing. In addition, 101 surface-water samples were collected over 8 days.

Services Provided:

  • Vibracore sediment sampling
  • Surface-water sampling

Normandeau used a 21-foot coring barge with a submersible vibracore unit to conduct sediment core collection activities on the Delaware River. Normandeau sampled down to a project depth of -20 ft. below sediment-water interface at 262 locations. Normandeau’s primary vibracoring unit facilitates sampling of soft or loosely compacted sediment/soil deposits. The material we use allows for faster coring deployments and immediate inspection of the collected core.

Normandeau used our 18-foot jon boat with a peristaltic pump and Kemmerer sampling bottle to collect surface water samples at 101 locations over 8 days. The Kemmerer bottle was used to collect water samples and fill vials to test for volatiles. The peristaltic pump and dedicated tubing provided a method of collecting surface water into sample bottles for all other water quality analyses.

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