• Posted June 04, 2020

Featured Fish: The Northern Pipefish

The Northern Pipefish is a fish found in many of Normandeau’s marine ichthyoplankton projects. This slender species inhabits seagrass beds, where they are a master of camouflage, orienting themselves vertically and swaying with the water movements imi­tating a blade of grass. Their success at this means that they have few predators—which is fortunate, because like their seahorse cousins, they are poor swimmers.

bedford nh environmental consulting firm
  • Posted May 27, 2020

50th Anniversary Series: An Environmental Consulting Firm Then & Now

This year marks our 50th anniversary and we’d like to take this opportunity to showcase the journey from our founding in 1970 to where we are now in 2020. Learn more...

  • Posted May 15, 2020

Bug of the Month—Palaemonetes

This edition’s “Bug-of-the-Month” is a Decapod in the genus Palaemonetes(commonly referred to as the freshwater prawn, fresh­water shrimp, or grass shrimp), a member of the familiar crayfish order Decapoda, which translates into “ten feet.”This edition’s “Bug-of-the-Month” is a Decapod in the genus Palaemonetes (commonly referred to as the freshwater prawn, fresh­water shrimp, or grass shrimp), a member of the familiar crayfish order Decapoda, which translates into “ten feet.”

  • Posted May 13, 2020

NHBSR Conference & Sponsorship

Normandeau Associates Inc. is pleased to sponsor NHBSR’s 19th Annual Spring Conference. We believe that NHBSR’s mission of convening, inspiring, and supporting New Hampshire businesses in their efforts to be more sustainable and socially responsible is essential for improving our workplaces, communities, and the environment.

  • Posted March 09, 2020

Environmental Consulting Firm Normandeau Associates Appoints Curt Thalken As CEO

Normandeau Associates, Inc., announced today that its board of directors has elected COL (ret) Curtis L. Thalken, PE, as the company’s next chief executive officer (CEO). Learn more...

wildlife society presentation environmental remote sensing techniques
  • Posted September 30, 2019

Normandeau Presents On State Of The Art Environmental Remote Sensing Techniques

Normandeau’s Dr. Greg Forcey, CWB®, and Jason Collins, QBS, presented at the conference of The Wildlife Society and American Fisheries Society in Reno, Nevada.

hi-z turb’n tag aids seattle usace environmental scientists
  • Posted June 19, 2019

Normandeau-Developed HI-Z Turb’N Tag Aids USACE Scientists, Salmon at Chittenden Locks

Normandeau’s proprietary environmental HI-Z Turb’N Tag technology aids USACE scientists testing the effectiveness of a prototype smolt slide. Learn more.

  • Posted April 02, 2019

Smart Curtailment Study Shows 85% Reduction In Bat Fatalities Associated With Wind Turbines

A new study by Normandeau scientists and colleagues demonstrated an 85% reduction in bat fatalities at a wind energy facility in Wisconsin. Learn more

society of american military engineers committee chair
  • Posted March 25, 2019

Normandeau Federal Program Director Serves As SAME Sustainability Forum Planning Committee Chair

Normandeau’s Wendy Oresik serves as the planning committee chair for the upcoming Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) Sustainability Forum for Puget Sound Recovery and the Built Environment.

smart bat curtailment wind energy facilities
  • Posted March 18, 2019

DOE selects Normandeau Team for $1 Million Smart Curtailment Project

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) awarded a $1 million research project to test Normandeau’s Turbine Integrated Mortality Reduction (TIMRSM) approach.