• Posted November 16, 2021

Lepidopterological Expedition to Southeastern Ecuador—What We Did on Our Summer Vacation

Senior Principal Ornithologist and Group Manager Julia Robinson Willmott details the latest trip with her family to continue a long-term research project on the butterflies of Ecuador. Learn more...

  • Posted October 26, 2021

Unique Habitats of the Eastern Small-Footed Bat

The eastern small-footed bat (Myotis leibii) is unique among the bats of New England and the mid-Atlantic as it is the only species that uses talus slopes, cliffs, and rock fields to roost during the spring and summer seasons. Learn more...

late hatchling gopher tortoise - top environmental consulting services firm normandeau associates
  • Posted September 14, 2021

Digging with Gopher Tortoises

Normandeau’s Gainesville, Florida, staff members have a long history of studying and working with gopher tortoises (Gopherus polyphemus). Found in upland habitats throughout Florida and in portions of South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana, the gopher tortoise is the only native terrestrial tortoise east of the Mississippi river. Learn more...

woonasquatucket River along the CMRP source area - environmental consulting services firm
  • Posted July 27, 2021

Centredale Manor Restoration Project

For the last two years, Normandeau scientists have been part of a team conducting pre-design investigations at the Centredale Manor Restoration Superfund Project site in North Providence and Johnston, Rhode Island. Learn more...

sampling bucket hogchokers - environmental consulting services firm
  • Posted June 30, 2021

Featured Fish: Hogchoker

Hogchokers are a common right-facing flatfish found in Atlantic coastal waters and estuaries with a preference for brackish water. A member of the American sole family, Achiridae, they hatch with symmetrical, standard fish bodies, but early in development their left eye migrates over to the right side of their head and from then on they lie down on their left. Learn more...

  • Posted June 03, 2021

EBC Honors Former Longtime Normandeau President, CEO, and Board Chair Pam Hall with Lifetime Achievement Award

Normandeau Associates, Inc., is happy to announce that the Environmental Business Council of New England plans to award Pam Hall of Normandeau Associates with a Lifetime Achievement Award at its 28th Annual EBEE Virtual Awards Ceremony on Thursday, June 10th. Learn more...

  • Posted June 01, 2021

Normandeau Deploys Its ATOM™ System Technology off the Coast of Virginia

The concept for an acoustic and thermographic detection device for offshore wildlife risk studies originated in Gainesville, FL, in 2009 during the first mid-term meeting of Normandeau’s Offshore Bird Project Team, which included BOEM (Bureau of Ocean Energy Management) representatives. Learn more...

  • Posted May 20, 2021

Bug of the Month—Fattigia Pele

A “specialist” species is one with a narrow range of habitat or food preference. As such they have a narrower tolerance range than normal and are more prone to be eliminated by loss of (or change to) the habitat for which they are specifically adapted. Learn more...

  • Posted April 27, 2021

Evaluation of the Hydraulic Effects of Turbine Passage on River Herring

Learn more about our direct survival and injury evaluation of adult river herring at a hydroelectric station in New England using our proprietary HI-Z Turb’n Tag technology. Learn more...

  • Posted March 22, 2021

Voices: A Spotlight on the Women of Normandeau Associates, Inc.

In honor of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, we wanted to take a moment to showcase the voices of our female staff members. Normandeau is fortunate enough to employ some incredible science, tech, and engineering professionals—both seasoned and relatively new to the field of environmental consulting. Learn more...