map of northern and eastern united states with plot points
  • Posted October 27, 2022

2023 Regulatory Alert!

Do you have a project within the range of the northern long-eared bat with construction scheduled for 2023 and beyond? If so, take note! The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) determined that the up listing of the species was warranted—from threatened to endangered.

  • Posted October 11, 2022

Reflections on the Reservoir

In this remarkably busy, sensory-overloaded world that we all live in, it’s difficult to imagine yourself being plucked from society and immersed in an environment where communication with the outside world is not possible without a satellite phone—and even that has spotty reception. But this was very much the case for me. Learn more...

smooth green snake
  • Posted August 09, 2022

The Secret Language of Animals and Plants

Normandeau Associates, Inc. frequently conducts wildlife assessments in support of conservation efforts, environmental permitting, and to ensure federal and state endangered species act compliance. These assessments can be targeted to single species and/or habitats or be broad assessments of an area and cover all potential and observed wildlife and characterization of the project site. Learn more...

  • Posted July 19, 2022

Featured Fish: Atlantic Menhaden

Almost everyone has heard of herring and sardines, but very few people outside the fishing business (and the fisheries-regulation business) have heard of our latest featured fish, the Atlantic Menhaden (Brevoortia tyrannus)! This is a shame because all three are members of the same family (Clupeidae) and all three are both economically and ecologically important. Learn more...

Anisocentropus false moth
  • Posted June 30, 2022

Bug of the Month—Anisocentropus

Our latest Bug of the Month, is a caddisfly called Anisocentropus (commonly called the false moth or referred to as sedges by fly fishermen) and is another example of specialization in bugs. Learn more...

mixed aerial images of ocean animals
  • Posted May 23, 2022

Final Reports for NYSERDA Aerial Digital Imagery Study Now Available!

The final reports from an analysis of three years’ worth of aerial digital imagery collected on behalf of NYSERDA between 2016 and 2019 are now publicly available! These reports include data that provide support for the development of offshore wind in the New York Offshore Planning Area. Learn more...

striped Cusk-eel yearling, stained in Rose Bengal
  • Posted March 29, 2022

Featured Fish: Striped Cusk-eel

This month’s featured fish, the Striped Cusk-eel, is a strange and fascinating fish in the family Ophidiidae—the Cusk-eels, which (despite the name) are not eels! Learn more...

  • Posted February 14, 2022

Traveling to Belgium for the Love of Science

Did you know that Normandeau also works internationally? A team of Normandeau scientists just got back from a fish passage project in Belgium. Learn more...

Pseudiron Craw-Walker Mayfly - Normandeau Associates environmental consulting services firm
  • Posted January 18, 2022

Bug of the Month—Pseudiron

The last article about specialization used the example of a caddisfly called Fattigia pele, a species associated with sandy-bottomed streams. Here, we continue this discussion with a second sand-bottom insect—a mayfly within the genus Pseudiron. Learn more...

school of sand lance fish -  top rated environmental consulting services firm
  • Posted December 06, 2021

Featured Fish: Sand Lance

This month’s Featured Fish is one of our favorite forage fish—the Sand Lance! Forage fish are small pelagic fish that play a crucial role in marine ecosystems, and in the Gulf of Maine, the Sand Lance is one of the most important forage fish. Learn more...