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ReBA Remote Acoustic Monitoring System.

Red Bat


ReBAT upper detector installed on a meteorological tower.

ReBAT upper detector installed on a meteorological tower.

The ReBAT system is an assemblage of hardware, software, and services with more functionality than a traditional bat detector. It detects and stores bat calls and transmits the data to our Operations Center via the cellular network. This communication pathway is also used to remotely monitor system health and manage system function.

ReBAT is unique because it provides high quality data along with a suite of supporting services:

  • Full-Spectrum, Echolocation Call Data Set
  • Remote System Management and Cellular Data Transfer
  • High System Reliability (>95% operational uptime)
  • Data Management and Echolocation Call Analysis Services
  • PreBAT TK™ met tower mounting kit

ReBAT services can be used anywhere that acoustic monitoring is needed under field conditions, including the following applications:

  • Wind energy facilities and resource areas
  • Mines and caves
  • Assessment of public land management actions
  • Long term monitoring and trend analysis of changes in bat activity due to white-nose syndrome or land management activities

Video: Watch ReBAT systems being used on wind turbine nacelles to detect bats for an EPRI study.

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