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Connections. Conversation. Consensus.

public involvement.Public involvement is the process of connecting clients with stakeholders to forge partnerships and develop consensus. In skillful hands, it can tap the creativity of a community as a natural resource to craft solutions, build support, and achieve success. Normandeau Associates’ public involvement team has the skills and experience to facilitate this process and to guide conversations that connect the needs of the client with the best interests of the community.

We are adept at pinpointing the issues, concerns, and opportunities associated with a project as well as crafting communication plans that inform and find resolution. We develop nimble strategies that meet the goals and objectives of our clients and then shepherd those strategies through all phases of implementation.

We are particularly skilled at bridging the communications gap between technical staff and the community, helping both parties understand the intricacies and issues that shape a project. For clients in both the public and private sectors, we merge creative thinking with scrupulous integrity to forge methods and messages that deliver results.

Early. Frequent. Savvy.

Our approach is simple. Get started early to establish communication strategies that will ensure a positive outcome. Find out what people are thinking and develop a plan that informs and involves. Keep on top of the action with frequent communications that help the client understand the community and the community understand the project. Be fast, smart, and ready to expect the unexpected. Tackle every issue with clarity, honesty, and a savvy honed from years of experience. In the end, be sure that everyone with a stake in the project has a voice in the process.

We embrace the values of trust, respect, and the open, consistent exchange of ideas and information. We wrap this process in a package of rigorous planning and oversight, close communication with the client, and thorough follow-through.

Tools to do the job

Our in-house public involvement staff packs a complete toolbox of essential skills to excel for our clients: strategic planning, agency coordination, policy and message development, facilitation, mediation, meeting coordination, copywriting, graphic design, and web development.

Working for a variety of public agencies, our seasoned team understands the regulatory requirements associated with public involvement in the public sector. We craft and implement strategies that meet the most rigid standards. Our street smarts, cutting-edge creativity, and technical know-how are a value-added benefit for our private sector clients.

Connections. Conversation. Consensus. The hallmarks of good public involvement, the defining goal of Normandeau’s team of public involvement professionals.