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Normandeau Technical Editors Complete 2,100-Page Water Supply Impact Study Report for the St. Johns River in Florida

Gainesville, FL — Normandeau is pleased to announce that the Governing Board of the St. Johns River Water Management District recently published the Water Supply Impact Study for the St. Johns River—a project that Normandeau senior technical editor-writer Karen Hill has been dedicated to since August 2010. Normandeau Strategic Communications team members, group manager Christine Denny, technical editor Renee Zenaida, editor and senior project specialist Jenny Carter, and associate Susan Marynowski, also contributed to this complex editing and coordination project.

It took a team effort and a strong lead to manage and edit for this 9-working group, 70-member team of scientists and engineers comprised of District staff and outside experts. Each working group wrote a chapter in the 2,100 page report on a very thorough study of the St. Johns River. "Our job was to work with the lead authors and division directors to edit and integrate the chapters into one cohesive report," Hill said.

The study will help guide future decision-making on proposed surface water withdrawals. Working groups analyzed a range of water withdrawal scenarios; thousands of different combinations were evaluated. The state-of-the-art models and methodologies from the study will be used in permitting, minimum flows and levels development, regional water projects, and water supply planning.

Although the study does not authorize surface water withdrawals, it does confirm the findings of earlier investigations indicating that the St. Johns River can be used as an alternative water supply source without causing significant harm to the environment.

Read the District's News Release

See the Water Supply Impact Study

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