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As a science-based environmental consulting firm with over 40 years of experience providing services to pipeline and transmissions clients nationwide, Normandeau stands ready to guide our clients through the regulatory process and to secure sound, defensible and reasonable science-based decisions. Visit our Powerlines and Pipelines pages for a description of services we have provided to the pipeline and electric transmission industries.  Contact us today for additional information.

marine coastal.
For over 40 years, Normandeau scientists have consulted on energy development projects, including over 60 linear gas pipeline and electric transmission line projects, representing hundreds and hundreds of miles of corridor, both on land and underwater, providing a wide range of wetland, wildlife and marine services for the evaluation of environmental impacts and federal and state permitting and compliance. Our successes and win-win strategies for our clients and the regulatory and resource agencies have garnered their trust and the continued reliance of our clients. We have played key roles for our clients in coordinating and complying with the following US policies and regulations:

Clean Water Act National Environmental Policy Act
Endangered Species Act Magnusen-Stevens Fisheries Conservation and Management Act
Migratory Bird Treaty Act Marine Mammal Protection Act
Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act Compliance State & Local Permitting in MA, NH, ME, VT, CT, RI, NY, PA, OH, WV, MD, DE, VA, MS, LA, FL, SC, NC, WA, CA, OR, TX

Planning is an important aspect of all land and energy development projects, and recognized expertise in the biological and ecological sciences is fundamental. Our services cover feasibility and siting to presence/absence surveys and construction oversight.

Normandeau provides a suite of environmental services after planning that is necessary for proper siting and permitting of new electric generation facilities (including traditional energy generating facilities and renewable facilities), pipeline rights-of-way, transmission line corridors and distribution facilities. Often these projects are quite large, extending across multiple municipalities, counties and internationally. Our services on linear transmission projects have included:

  • Planning
    • NEPA and FERC Resource Report Documentation
    • Photointerpretation and habitat mapping
    • Bat hibernacula searches and mapping
    • Remote sensing, photointerpretation and fatal flaw analysis
  • Wetlands and Streams
    • Delineation
    • Section 404 and State Program permitting
    • Mitigation and restoration
    • Vernal pool ecology and documentation
    • Rapid bioassessment, functions and values
  • Endangered Species presence/probable absence studies
    • Incidental Take Permits (ESA Sections 7 and 10)
    • Risk Assessment and GIS modeling
    • Conservation banking,
    • Safe harbor agreements,
    • MOUs, and special use permits
    • Habitat Conservation Plans
  • Wildlife Protection Plans
    • Breeding bird surveys
    • Game animal studies
    • Wildlife surveys, habitat studies and HEP analysis
  • Aquatic Freshwater and Marine
    • Freshwater invertebrate identification and ecology;
    • Freshwater and marine habitat and fisheries assessments, including Essential Fish Habitat (EFH) assessments
    • Rapid bioassessment
    • Underwater shellfish surveys, including rare mussels
    • Spill response and aquatic impact assessment
    • Hydrographic surveys
    • Instream “ecological” flow modeling
  • Plant Communities
    • Botanical surveys, ecological community identification, sampling and mapping
    • Ecological Community identification and mapping
    • Mitigation planning
    • Invasives mapping, management and control
  • Construction
    • Bat emergence studies preceding tree removal
    • Environmental observation during construction
    • Damage control and emergency biological studies