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recreation-marina.Normandeau Associates provides a wide range of environmental services to help restore, improve and enhance recreational opportunities.  We have extensive experience working on projects that address environmental effects of a broad range of recreational facilities, including ski resorts; golf courses; bicycle and pedestrian trails; marinas and boat access facilities; beach nourishment and coastal restoration;  campgrounds; national, state and local parks; forests and conservation lands; athletic facilities; and fisheries and wildlife management programs.  Our clients include federal, state, and local agencies, and private and non-profit entities.  Services include, but are not limited to the following:

recreation-marina.Normandeau specializes in proactive recreation planning and management which can minimize ecological and social impacts while providing opportunities for quality visitor experiences.  Some of our unique nature-based recreation capabilities include:

Management Planning

Many managers of recreation facilities are faced with determining where to focus their management efforts to protect a resource while providing for visitor needs. Normandeau has specialized expertise focused on balancing visitor use and maintaining the health of ecological functions in natural areas. We plan recreation areas that take into consideration sensitive natural resources, diverse recreation needs, budget restrictions, facility requirements, and the goals and objectives of the site. We assist with determining types, locations, and levels of recreation for their sites and can develop resource monitoring plans that show when and if recreation impacts are beyond acceptable limits.

Visitor Use Management

Normandeau believes in going beyond fences and signs to create innovative ways to better manage visitors. We help understand who visitors are, why they come, and what they are looking for from their experiences (using surveys, interviews, focus groups, behavioral observations, and other proven methods). We analyze this information and apply it to improve visitor management.


Interpretation is more than just text on a sign or brochure. It tells a site’s story and creates the opportunity for a connection between the visitor and the resource and is more than just text on a sign or brochure. We create effective interpretive themes, messages, content, online and print materials, kiosks, and exhibits. From individual kiosks to entire exhibit installations, our creative interpretive writers present ideas in a targeted, effective manner.