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Normandeau. Associates. The management of natural resources and the protection of environmental quality require a thorough understanding of the laws and regulations that govern those actions. As such, the legal basis for environmental protection is a dynamic system that requires environmental professionals to stay abreast of changes. Our scientists routinely work on projects that require a comprehensive knowledge of the application of these regulations.

We are committed to being an integral part of the robust system that protects our natural resources. Critical to this commitment is the ability to communicate effectively with our clients and in many cases engineering firms. We have nationwide experience and are adept at quickly deploying our team of scientific experts in support of complex and remote projects.

Our team of experts understands the complexity and diversity of the technical issues and studies necessary to complete a project, to integrate federal and state regulatory requirements and to prepare project permits. We also understand the need for a well managed team with excellent communication that will perform the studies in a timely, scientifically sound and cost-effective manner. Of equal importance is the quality and responsiveness of the project team. All studies must be carefully coordinated, all communications must be timely, and sensitive political, community and public relations issues must be understood and respected by the entire team.