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marine coastal.
Fish transfer at Vernon Dam


marine coastal.
Holding pen for Atlantic salmon smolts
at Moore Dam.
Normandeau Associates is a leading provider of environmental, licensing/permitting, and strategic consulting services for the hydroelectric industry. For over 40 years we have been developing and implementing strategies and programs that help our clients achieve regulatory compliance and optimum facility performance.

Our staff has worked on over 100 hydroelectric and pumped-storage projects, in more than 23 states and internationally, and at project locations ranging from large river systems such as The Dalles on the Columbia River, to smaller project sites such as Brassua Lake in Maine. We have completed environmental assessments for major projects with generating capacities exceeding 1,000 MW. Many of our scientists and regulatory experts are known for their industry knowledge and technical expertise and are recognized by many regulators, special interest groups, and energy clients.

We work closely with our clients to help address Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) licensing/relicensing issues and state permitting requirements related to:

  • FERC process management and public involvement
  • License compliance strategy development, study plan development, stakeholder engagement, study implementation, compliance tracking
  • Migratory fish biology and passage
  • Instream flow, habitat modeling, and hydrologic alteration studies
  • Habitat assessments and mapping, including high resolution bathymetry
  • Endangered and threatened species evaluations and strategic consulting
  • Critical review of comprehensive plans, biological opinions, study requests
  • Expert witness testimony, including Trial Type Hearings
  • Section 408 consulting
  • Due diligence consulting/reviews
  • Reservoir fluctuation and shoreline assessments
  • Protection, mitigation, and enhancement effectiveness evaluations
  • Erosion and sediment transport evaluations
  • Turbine operational modifications
  • Water quality assessment and modeling
  • Wetland and riparian habitat assessment and mitigation
  • Mussel and macroinvertebrate assessments
  • Recreation studies
  • Radio, acoustic, and sonic telemetry
  • Angler creel surveys
  • Biological population modeling
  • Complex database design, data management, and statistical analyses
  • Turbine/spillway passage survival and entrainment
  • Hydroacoustic surveys

Successful licensing and relicensing of hydropower projects requires an experienced team with extensive knowledge of state and federal hydropower regulations and reporting requirements. Our staff works closely with both relicensing and compliance teams to develop strategies that seek to address environmental issues and optimize operations.

We recognize that each hydropower project is unique, therefore we work closely with you during your licensing/relicensing process, from selecting the best relicensing strategy, to facilitating team meetings, developing study plans, implementing the studies, preparing application exhibits, and expert testimony if needed. Call us today to see how we can help you succeed with your hydroelectric project.

In addition to FERC licensed projects work, work for the federal government comprises a large portion of our hydropower work. For more than 20 years our staff has conducted high quality studies on the impacts of federal hydropower projects on the environment and on the effectiveness of a large variety of protection, mitigation, and enhancement measures. Federal projects work has been conducted throughout the Columbia/Snake/Willamette rivers basin, and much of the Ohio River basin.

As a science-based environmental consulting firm with over 40 years of experience providing services to hydroelectric clients nationwide, Normandeau stands out for its ability to guide you to sound, defensible and reasonable science-based decisions. Contact us today for additional information.