Health & Safety



Normandeau Associates is a member of the National Safety Council and the Safety & Health Council of Northern New England.
Normandeau Associates is committed to the health and safety of all its employees. It is our policy to provide safe and healthful working conditions and to implement safe operating practices that protect our staff, our subconsultants and others during the performance of work tasks. No task or function is so important that employees cannot devote the necessary time and resources to conduct it safely.

We recognize that accident prevention, productivity, and quality of service go hand in hand, and that safety is an integral part of all activities. All employees, regardless of the capacity in which they function, must assume responsibility for safety awareness. This responsibility can be met by maintaining safe operating conditions and performing duties in accordance with safe work practices. As an integral part of our corporate policy, we will continually strive to foster an accident-free work environment. Safety is a 24-hour a day responsibility.

This above statement reaffirms our ongoing commitment to the prevention of accidents and injuries. Normandeau maintains a Corporate Health and Safety Plan. Available to all employees through the corporate intranet, it details the numerous health and safety procedures based on OSHA regulations and current best practices. Staff must be trained when required or have read and understand the appropriate sections contained in the Plan before participating in project activities. Many Normandeau field crew members are 40-hour OSHA trained and are prepared to conduct work at most project sites without delay. This is a unique capability credential of our ecological services team.